Online Reputation Management Takes Off

Online reputation management is an internet marketing technique, intended to keep “good” and positive content high on search engine results. To accomplish this, online reputation managmeent companies often create “positive” or “neutral” content that is pushed to the top of search results over time to “knock down” the less desired search results.

Online reputation management manager, Damon, comments, “Our goal is to add and/or increase ‘good’ search results that rank higher than ‘bad/negative’ search results in order to provide a positive reputation on the initial pages of a search results.”

Some might often ask themselves if it is necessary to create positive search results instead of working on increasing their own, existing sites? While you do want to increase your own sites rankings, without professionals it is often hard to suppress bad results with the prominence of social media in today’s world. LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter are all great tools that allow sharing of information. This is also an outlet for negative information to be spread quickly too. Without a professional online reputation management company it is time consuming and often impossible without the proper resources to suppress such negative results.

With a high profile list of clients that includes politicians, millionaire entrepreneurs and more, Damon comments on their confidentiality practice. “We take clients privacy very serious. Confidentiality and privacy are of the most importance to our operations. Without that trust our business wouldn’t exist.”

Online reputation management uses techinques that a search engine optimization company might use. Beyond the basic similarities, suppression is often more in-depth and complicated than SEO. SEO usually involves increasing the rankings of one site. Online reputaiton management involves working with rankings on multiple sites. OnlineReputations.org strategically works to increase the rankings of good content sites and outrank bad search results by creating hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of neutral and positive profiles to generate paes filled with positive feedback. By creating mass amounts of positive content and profiles this easily pushes less desirable content pages and pages back so that they are basically unseen by typical browsing habits.

As the old saying goes, “it is easier to keep a customer than acquire a new customer.” Don’t let a bad online reputation effect your current or potential business. If you are you ready to manage your online reputation? Visit onlinereputations.org or call 1-855-736-6285 for a complimentary consultation.