Online Reputations; They Matter More Than You Think

With how much the internet has grown over the last two decades, its global reach is a blessing for most, but a curse for many. All it takes is one bad review or article about your company to send it into a PR nightmare. For many large business it is virtually impossible to satisfy all customers. The problem is not that the business does not want to satisfy all customers, but when you service millions of customer a year you are bound to have some wires cross on at least a few customers. Even if you had 5,000 complaints out of a million customers, you are doing exceptional, because that means your satisfaction rate is 99.5%. Not too shabby.

What do you do though if a few bad apples set out to express their dissatisfaction online and give you a bad reputation online? While at face value this may not seem like a big deal, one negative post could show up on page 1 of a search engine when you search for your own brand name. It could even show up #1 and bump down your own site. How would that impact your business? Not only would you lose business simply from not being #1 anymore, but everyone that sees what the #1 result is will also see a scathing review of your operations. All from what was most likely just a simple misunderstanding, even if you made your best effort to correct the problem.

What is search engine suppression? Search engine suppression is a form of internet marketing that intends to suppress negative search results by increasing the ranking of positive content in the search results. Online Reputations offers precision, confidential execution of specialized internet marketing tactics to improve your online reputation by submitting positive reviews, positive content and positive online feedback. From successful, wealth entrepreneurs to politicians and executives, Online Reputations leads the way in successful Online Reputations.

If you have tried to remove negative search results on your own you know how extremely difficult and time consuming the process can be. The reality is that, unless you contact the site’s owner, most links cannot be removed. This is where Online Reputations comes in. This professional, confidential group specializes specifically in online reputation management and search engine suppression. While you many not be able to remove bad search results, you certainly can suppress them.